FaceChanger Lite - The 8in1 Photo FX Booth

FaceChanger Lite – The 8in1 Photo FX Booth

Fragranze Apps Limited
iOS 6.0 +


Product Description

FaceChanger Lite is one of the funniest and most entertaining ways to edit your photographs on your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch device!

With 8 Different effects built in to the app! Along with the option of sharing straight to Facebook**, Twitter**, Save to Device & Email/MMS, FaceChanger Lite gives you everything you need to enjoy the funniest photographs of you and your friends!

Fat – Enlarges your face! No extra snacks needed!

Spotty – Adds a spotty face to your photo!

Old – Add wrinkles to your face! Make yourself look 100 years older!

Young – Watch, as you look years younger!

Thin** – Watch as your face becomes thinner!

Sunburn** – Watch, as your face becomes sunburnt!

Alien** – Turn yourself into an Alien – we come in peace!

Bald** – Ever wanted to know what you would look like bald? Try this!

Try it now! And Enjoy!

** FaceChanger Lite contains in-app upgrades to unlock extra FX, and social-sharing ability.

This application is for entertainment purposes only – the developers of this app are not responsible for any misuse, or hysterical laughter resulting from the use of this app!


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