Are you a fan of the apps and games that we make? Would you like to have your very own App or Game in the App Store?

If the answer is yes, then check out our Source Code for sale section, these source codes are available to purchase as  ‘Reskin’ or as ‘Total Transfer’ what this means is;

Reskin = You MUST change all elements of the game or app, design, artwork, sounds and music, title, description etc – Nothing must be copied from the original – this is cheaper, but you will need to find your own artist / music designer / app editor – You receive the FULL Source code, however as above, EVERYTHING must be changed from the original.

Total Transfer = This means you get the ENTIRE App or Game, including artwork/music and all description can be used, the App or Game will be transferred to your Apple iTunes Connect account (if you have one) and/or Google Play Account for Android apps or games, you receive the FULL source code also.

All payments should be made via Escrow which is the safest service for buyers & sellers – we do not accept Paypal payments.

If you have an enquiry about any of our apps you may wish to purchase, please contact us using the contact form above.