Amazing FX Pro - Night Vision & Infra Red Filter Booth

Amazing FX Pro – Night Vision & Infra Red Filter Booth

Fragranze Apps Limited
iOS 5.1 +


Product Description

Welcome to the Amazing FX Booth Pro – Create your own imitation X-Ray Filter Photographs, Night Vision Filter, Infra-Red and See-Through Vision Filter Simulated FX using your iPhone & iPad Device!

Use X-Ray FX or why not try Infra-Red FX or even Night Vision mode to use on a new photograph or even use a photograph from your existing photo library on your phone!
Better still, why not try out See-Through Vision!

Then why not share them to your friends! Great for making interesting profile pictures on your favourite websites!

Whatever you choose, enjoy the Amazing FX Booth!

Please note this application is for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true X-Ray Functionality.


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