Amazing FX - Night Vision & Infra Red Ray Free Edition

Amazing FX – Night Vision & Infra Red Ray Free Edition

Fragranze Apps Limited
iOS 6.0 +


Product Description

Disclaimer – *This app is for entertainment purposes only – how you use it is up to you!*

Create your own imitation X-Ray Filter Photographs, Night Vision Filter*, Infra-Red* and See-Through* Vision Filter Simulated FX using your iPhone & iPad Device!

Use X-Ray FX or why not try Infra-Red FX or even Night Vision mode to use on a new photograph or even use a photograph from your existing photo library on your phone!
Better still, why not try out See-Through Vision!

Then why not share them to your friends! Great for making interesting profile pictures on your favourite websites!

Whatever you choose, enjoy the Amazing FX Booth!

* Night Vision, Infra-Red & See-Through simulation FX are activated as part of an in-app purchase upgrade.


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