Shutter Speed Free - Slow Camera DSLR Style FX

Shutter Speed Free – Slow Camera DSLR Style FX

Fragranze Apps Limited
iOS 6.0 +


Product Description

Ever used your camera and wanted more features?
What you thought could only be done using a DSLR camera? Well think again!

ShutterSpeed Lite brings you fantastic features to your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.


Manual Mode – Change the shutter speed to a longer setting to bring in more light, tweak the exposure to bring out the shot you need!

Automatic Mode – This is just like your priority shutter mode on a DSLR Camera, this adds a motion/blur type effect and selects the exposure automatically based on the shot, bringing you great results, with minimal effort!

Light Trail Mode – This is like creating light effects on any shot you like, great for night time shots, create amazing shots of city lights, paint with light and share your fantastic images!

Of course, all of this using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch! Portable camera app that you will enjoy time and again!

Why not use the built in self-timer to capture a shot!

Featuring options such as;

Live Preview
Shutter Speed Selection
Exposure Selection
Freeze Option

ShutterSpeed Lite brings you all these features plus more!

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to take some great pictures,
It’s time for ShutterSpeed Lite!


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