Goatify - The DJ Music Maker Goating Sound Edition

Goatify – The DJ Music Maker Goating Sound Edition

Fragranze Apps Limited
iOS 6.0 +


Product Description

Music…And Goats… Does it sound like a strange combination? Maybe… Does it sound like a lot of fun? Definitely!

Behold…Goatify! The application that lets you add Goat sounds to music from your own device!

Simply choose an existing song from your devices music library and load it, then simply press any of the 12 Goat buttons to mix the sounds together with your music!

Featuring gorgeous graphics and full screen iPhone 5 support, as well as compatibility with iPad & iPod Touch Devices!

If you prefer to not use the Goat sounds… Then simply use this application as your own personal DJ App! Allowing you to change the Pitch, Tempo & Key of your Music collection on your device!

It’s time to unleash your Inner-Goat!

* Please read the How-To guide found on the Goatify main menu page for full instructions on how to use the app!

*Disclaimer – No Goats were harmed during the making of this application, please remember this application is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to offend or create DJ’s from Goats.


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